Sailing holidays for the first time!

Για πρώτη φορά διακοπές με σκάφος

Summer is coming and like every year in your mind come images of holidays, full of happy and carefree moments. You are quite tired of the daily ‘musts’, the stress at work and the well-known routine that shape the gray circle of the winter. You want to reward yourself and offer something different and beautiful to your loved ones. You have heard somewhere of a group of people who went on vacation by boat and it seems to be an interesting idea. On the other hand you have your doubts. How convenient it can be, in such a small space, to feel comfortable for so many days. Well, do not worry! This article will answer some of the questions you may have.

First of all is good to know that there are sailing boats that do not lag behind in comfort and luxury from an expensive resort. Their design and equipment offer the possibility of ensuring the best vacation, exceeding all expectations. The double cabins, the kitchen, which has nothing to envy from any home kitchen, the living room with the large table, surrounded by sofas, the wide cockpit with space for everyone and the spacious deck for sunbathing and diving, bring the sailing boats in the first place as a choice for dream vacations. And if what you have read so far begins to convince you, continue below to get an idea of ​​what you and your company will need to take with you and mainly, what not to take.

I have good news for you, especially if you belong to the female audience. For the first time you will not have to waste endless hours looking every day what clothes you will wear, because quite simply, you will not need them. You will be in your swimsuit all day and when you go down to the port, for an evening walk on a beautiful island, the most suitable outfit will be shorts with a vest or an airy dress with sandals. For this reason, but also for your own comfort, do not carry a hard wheeled suitcase full of clothes, which you are not going to wear and at the same time you will have an obstacle in your cabin. A soft bag is enough. But do not forget the thin jacket or your favorite cardigan sweater for the coolness of the evening. Keep in mind to have shoes with a soft white sole, so as not to scratch and blacken the white surface of the boat and flip flops, although may they will make it difficult for you. The best is to walk on deck barefoot or with navy shoes. Heels are strictly forbidden, but if you still get them you should put them on and take them off out of the boat. 

Do not be fooled by the refreshing breeze and the ability to dive whenever you want. The sun is burning dangerously. You should definitely wear a hat and sunscreen with a good protection index. For the relaxing hours, if you are not a bookworm, make room in your bag for headphones. And if the company has come in the mood for holidays to the red, with endless parties, then be sure to bring with you your favorite music. 

And now that you have an idea of ​​what you should and what should not do, let’s move on to the important part of sailing – the pleasure of the palate. Because, as the sailors say, “You may sail without fuel, but without snack and tsipouro you don’t”. The boat has a refrigerator and many cupboards in the kitchen. You can bring food and drinks with you. But pay attention to their durability, because usually there is no freezer. If you are not in the mood of cooking, just some snack is enough during the day, when you are in a fantastic cove with crystal clear waters for diving and endless relaxation. And if you are happy just doing nothing you may hire staff so that someone does everything ready for you. Have a dream vacation with style and luxury.

And one last thing, but maybe very important to you. There are people getting dizzy with only the idea the boat is moving. Let me explain that the boat reacts to the water just like your body when you swim. With a little wave it shakes slightly, with a bigger wave it shakes more. Most of the time dizziness is in our mind. In the case you start feeling discomfort, ask the captain to give you one of the special pills for this case or a travel gum. The other way is to look far on the horizon, avoiding staring down at the water. But the doctor of dizziness is the relaxation and enjoyment of the trip; soon it will belong to the past. And one last tip. For the first boat trips, choose islands with short distances from each other, such as the Sporades. And do not hesitate, before renting a sailing boat, to discuss with us what concerns you, so that you and your group can enjoy an unforgettable vacation, made especially for you

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